Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urgent care visit

I had my ultrasound and blood work this morning.  The ultrasound nurse noted that my cheeks were flushed and I told her what was going on. She said that, while I wasn’t technically their patient and they couldn’t treat me without orders to do so, she would instruct me to visit urgent care if I were a patient.

The numbness in my face and hands had her concerned the most. When the nurse out east called me with my results, she agreed that I should visit urgent care, but keep taking the estrogen. She was very apologetic.
(Actually the nurse called me after the Third Party IVF coordinator screwed up my estrogen dose and I called her on it.  She had the RE’s nurse return my call. ) I also didn't realize that K was cc'd on the message, so she found out that I hadn't been feeling well. I didn't intend for her to know. That's the last thing she needs to worry about. She said she felt like we should cancel the cycle. I apologized and told her not to worry and that we didn't need to cancel. Everything was going to be fine.  I feel so badly about that.

Urgent care decided that it was a migraine and nothing more serious. My blood pressure is high but that tends to be my body’s response to pain. (although my normal is around 80/60, so a high reading is actually very high.) Because the numbness is in my whole face and both hands, not just one side, it fits the typical symptoms of a migraine.  They said that they could Rx a migraine medication, but I already had one at home, and it needed to be used at the beginning of a migraine. Taking at this point would help only minimally.
The Dr and I agreed that I could handle the headache. It was the nausea that was causing me the most distress, so they Rx’d some Zofran. I think this is kind of funny actually because I took Zofran when I was pregnant with K and it *gave* me headaches.  Oh well.  If it stops the nausea, I’ll be thrilled.

So… I’m going to call this a positive step.  Less puking would be awesome! As long as the clinic out East okay's it, I'm good to go. Now Shoo Migraine!

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