Monday, June 6, 2011

Return message from the nurse re: migraine

I emailed the nurse at 8:30am this morning.

She returned my message at 4:30pm. I can tell they were concerned.  ahem.

She said:

Try 2 extra strength Tylenol with some caffeine and continue the estradiol pills for now.   If the Tylenol and caffeine does not work then try Advil with caffeine but try to use this sparingly. When you get closer to the transfer you will have to take Tylenol exclusively.

Riiiiiight. So let me translate that.  

-- Dear Oven,

You must suffer on.


We don’t really care.

I might actually cry.   …But I’m not going to let this own me.


  1. So here is a crazy thought.. would working out make you feel better? A good burn/sweat would get your endorfins going and might counter act all that estrogen your pumping? Or maybe a nice cold pepsi and the husband takes the kids outside for an hour while you rest in the air conditioning in quiet?? Sorry you don't feel good. Stay stong "oven" it WILL BE worth it this time!

  2. I never thought about working out. Anything is worth a shot.

  3. I am going through early perimenopause and I have estrogen dominance, and experience many of the symptoms you are going through. It sucks! Anyway, I agree with the poster above that exercising helps a lot!! Hard to do when you have a migraine, but once you get going you might feel better. Also, try a hot mineral bath if allowed. It feels like heaven somehow the minerals really help. Another thing I adore is a "pillow" i got from Origins that is filled with herbs and you heat in the microwave. It feels so good on my head and neck when a migraine strikes. Feel better. You are amazing!!!

  4. I'm sorry that you have to go through this too. That's not fair. :(

    Thank you for the ideas. I hate feeling helpless so I'll try anything at this point.


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