Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Much improved

Late yesterday the RE’s nurse called to say that the RE had decided I could take my migraine medication. I was able to take blurrysome before bedtime and between that and the zofran, I’m feeling much improved today. I had lots of strange dreams, and feel groggy like I’m walking through gel today but it’s much better than I had been feeling. If I can get my act together, we may actually go grocery shopping.

I also talked a little with the Mother yesterday. She gave me the nicest compliment. (although it made me a little sad too.)

She said, “Thanks, [A]. You really are the best. Part of the reason we decided not to do any more rounds is that we decided than any potential GC would be a disappointment after you.”

Awww tears.  Gotta make this work. Gotta make this work. Gotta make this work…

Once this migraine clears for good, I have a new plan for this cycle. During the last one, I spent so much energy trying to get myself in the right frame of mind for the transfer. I think that excitement and determination is translating into stress for my body though, so I want to avoid that all together. There’s a lot of pressure on this cycle already so I have to try and down play it in my mind. I am planning to play it cool for the next couple of weeks and not think about the transfer as much as that’s possible. I’ll keep everyone updated on my appointments, etc. but you might not hear as much from me until we draw nearer to the transfer.

:: Putting my sun shades on and kicking back …as my kids soak me with a bucket of icy water. :: Island with a palm tree

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