Friday, June 3, 2011

Orders to proceed

I went for blood work this morning. I didn’t have the usual nurse that I’ve been getting and I realized how much I miss her. She’s just the sweetest person, and always remembers me. I guess after 14 visits and veins that blow out, roll, or just don’t give out blood, you’d tend to remember someone though.  She’s always gentle and now uses the kinder butterfly needle without having to be asked. The lady today jabbed me and wiggled around with the big ol’ syringe. I guess I’ll deal with the mediocre nurses so that I can better appreciate the good ones.  Smile
The ultrasound tech was befuddled looking at the ultrasound screen. She wondered why this was a baseline ultrasound, but I had follicles well formed. (my own eggs). I told her, while yes this was a baseline ultrasound (usually done on cycle day 3) that I was on cycle day 7 after bouncing on and off various meds. She sort of raised an eyebrow.
After that, the RE’s nurse called. I am to take the estrogen three times a day until otherwise notified.  Then the kick in the pants. She had promised that I could do my monitoring appointments on Tuesdays because that is the day my mom comes to visit the girls. That way my husband wouldn’t have to leave work. Well she revoked that.  I have to go next Wednesday instead. Whatever. As long as I have a baby in my belly after all of this I’ll forgive them. Maybe.
And note to self: This wouldn’t be an issue if I had gotten my behind in gear and warmed my youngest child up to a new baby sitter.  The thought of bringing a stranger into my home troubles me, but I’m going to have to do interviews one way or another. I just can’t bear to let the little one cry as I leave. I do have a dear sweet friend who offered to watch my girls as well even though she has a newborn and 2 year old of her own.  I totally trust her with my kids but again the little one probably wouldn’t even let me out her door.
*Update:* The RE’s nurse called me back and told me that Tuesday will work out okay. It’s not ideal but if that’s what works best for me then I can stick with a Tuesday appointment. I could honestly hug her right now.
So anyway, it looks like everything is a go. I can settle into my estrogen haze one last time. Maybe knowing this is the last time will make it easier. Knowing that it will result in a baby would make it even better yet.  Winking smile  Happy Weekend everyone!

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