Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mix Up!

:: Sigh :: This fertility clinic out east is getting on my nerves. I still have no sync list to make my appointment from. They were promised on Tuesday or Wednesday morning at the latest.

Then, this morning I get a call from the RE’s nurse. She’s frantic. She begins with, “I’m SO sorry,” and my heart skips a beat. What?

She messed up. The transfer date of June 23 is not correct. It needs to be June 30th because they put me on a week of birth control. Why? We don’t know, other than the fact that they let me go 5 days med free (for their own convenience) and my own eggs started to grow. (bad) So I assume they wanted to dissolve those eggs.

Well guess what. K had already scheduled my flights and hotel based on the 23rd. She was angry. You really don’t want to mess with K when she’s angry. The clinic, aware she was unhappy, decided that the 23rd might work after all, so they called me to see if I could change my plans and go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork ASAP in order to scrap the birth control and start estrogen instead.

Well no, I can’t. The earliest I can get into my clinic is 10:50 tomorrow morning. So that will have to do. They’d planned to stick me on birth control for a week. Now after 2 nights, they’re taking me off and starting estrogen again.  My body will just loooove going from progesterone based birth control straight into estrogen. Sweet… jerks.  My natural cycle is going to be so messed up. This had BETTER result in a pregnancy or I will seriously have a bone to pick.

As a consolation to me, I can still do my monitoring appts on Tuesdays though. I guess I’ll call that a win. That way my mom will be visiting and my husband won’t have to leave work to watch the girls.

I feel badly for K&M. This mix up rocked K’s confidence. This is the last shot and this cycle of IVF is extremely important. We can’t leave things to chance and the uncertainty of whether this new plan is the right call is hard to swallow. Are we rushing the cycle? How will my body respond? What about those eggs I grew? While I’m clearly frustrated for the inconvenience to me, I’m 100 times more frustrated that they upset K.  Unacceptable.

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