Sunday, June 5, 2011

Emergency Pepsi

I’m writing this morning in a haze. Yesterday morning I had my usual estrogen headache (or bouncing hormones headache – whatever) but it turned into a raging migraine around noon.  Of course I was the only one home with the girls, so I attempted to nap while they napped. Except my oldest doesn’t nap any longer and “quiet” wasn’t really in her vocabulary yesterday.

I HAD to get back on my feet so I took Advil Cold & Sinus in case it was a sinus headache. That irritated it more and the puzzle vision, numbness in my face and hands, and nausea kicked in. I took another Advil. I’m only really allowed to take Tylenol but we all know how that works. My job as Mommy comes first. Then I took another, and another. I know that 800mg was the max so I stopped there and pulled out my “emergency pepsi” that I had stashed.

SO001396I took the girls outside and set them up with tons of toys. I even waived the white flag and let them put water in with the sand table. Messy, but apparently lots of fun. They figured out that if you plop chalk into the water it turns it colors. Whatever – have fun. I laid in the shade trying not to move, and kept an ear out for what the girls were doing. Finally around 5pm it started to lift. I was so grateful.

I thought I was going to be all set from there on out but about 3am I woke feeling nauseous again but I didn’t feel like getting up so I just toughed it out  for a while. Then my little one woke up early, so I brought her back into bed with me and I think snuggling with her warm little body made me feel better. Two hours later when she woke me again with her bright blue eyes staring at me, I felt much better. My face and hands still feel numb-ish but it’s the nausea that gets me, so I’m counting my blessings.

Please let this be the last migraine I have to deal with for a while.  Fingers crossed I’ve got a lot to make up for today. You should see how my house looks. I think a tornado hit. Inside.  Smile

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