Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I’m leaving for the final trip in one week

…and it really couldn’t be worse timing. lol!

I am heartbroken that I’ll be missing little K’s very first Soccer Game! Let me tell you, three year olds playing soccer is about the cutest thing ever.  They look like a bunch of little chicks out there kicking the ball around. Everybody wants the ball and they’re all working on sharing. Getting the ball in the goal makes them erupt in a chorus of “WE WON!”  So cute. I’m really sad to miss it. (I mean REALLY sad. This is a milestone after all.)  Rest assured I’ll be at every practice and every game going forward.

My Grandfather’s health is also in question. A mass was found on his liver and we don’t know just yet what the biopsy will tell us or if surgery will be involved.

On top of that, my Husband’s Grandfather’s heath is in very serious jeopardy. He had a fall which left him with the left half of his body paralyzed.  He has refused a feeding tube so… it’s not looking good. I don’t know exactly how many days one can go without food, so my Father in Law is headed out to be with him. We have no idea if a funeral will be taking place next week and how we’re going to make arrangements for my husband to possibly be gone while I’m also gone. Contractually, I’m obligated to be there for the transfer on the 23rd.  I’m praying everything falls into place in our favor.

I had my last bloodwork and ultrasound on Tuesday.

E2= 890


Lining = 9mm


The moron of a Third Party IVF Coordinator said”

Results have been reviewed by Dr. Lavy and are in range :o)

[K had to send a message back to her asking for “actual numbers” instead of generalities.]

Please continue the estrace three times a day  [Hey she got the dose right this time.]

Please start the crinone [progesterone] twice a day on 6/18 in addition to the estrace [I’m actually taking Estradiol but close enough]

See you here in Stamford on 6/22 before 1pm  [This is for blood work and uterine mapping since they don’t do U/S guided transfers.]


Well yes, ok. Did I have a choice?  lol  Smile 

I’ll have blood work and ultrasound as soon as my plane hits the ground and we drive to the clinic on Wednesday the 22nd. After that we’ll have some lunch and then do a massage and Rei Ki again. Then dinner and I’ll crash in my hotel room. (I have to leave my house around 4am to catch the early flight to LaGuardia.)

The transfer will take place on the 23rd in the morning. I’ll have acupuncture before and after again, but with a different acupuncturist than I’ve had on previous trips.

After that it’s time to rest. I have a new book that I need to check out and read, photo books to create, and hopefully I can find some funny movies to watch. Any recommendations?  Supposedly laughing and feeling happy can help the chances of success. We really need to pull out all the stops here. lol!

Before all of that happens, I need to complete my To Do list:

  • Make updates to the girls’ daily schedules
  • Make a list and stock pantry/fridge for the girls’ lunches
  • Plan husband’s low carb dinners and variations for the girls
  • CLEAN, Laundry
  • Wash guest bed linens
  • Lay out the girls’ clothes including soccer gear ::sniff, sniff::
  • Gather a basket of motrin, bandaids, sunscreen, ouch spray, etc for easy access
  • And most importantly, play/snuggle/love my girls and hubby a lot!

:: Deep Breath ::

This is the last trip.  The last blood draws.  The last hotel stay in Greenwich. The last chance to MAKE THIS HAPPEN.   PLEASE for the love of Pete, LET THIS HAPPEN.  Everyone is counting on success. Honestly, when we started this journey, I never imagined failure even as a possibility. I never thought we’d get to the third transfer. That says a lot, considering that I’m a huge planner.

….So I guess that means that this will work. Pregnancy, here I come. (I hope.)

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  1. I wish you nothing but the best. Because you are. (the best) - Trac


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