Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Continue your meds…


Happy Monday all!

I got a message from the RE’s nurse this morning:

Hi Angie,

How are you feeling? Have the migraines completely gone away?

I have just read [K’s ]email and learned of her exciting news. I hope that she has a great pregnancy.

We need to cancel your cycle so I would like you to continue taking the estrace 2mg pill 3 times a day and the crinone 2 times a day through Friday June 24th and then you can stop and let me know day 1 of your period.

Let me know if you have any questions.


No, that’s not happening. I returned her email, letting her know that I was already off meds and that apologetically I will not be putting hormones into my body any longer. 

I’ve probably really messed up my cycle by doing that, but the thought of one more week of estrogen makes me ill. I don’t feel like that’s healthy either.

Then she wrote back that the RE was prescribing provera (a progesterone pill)  and that I was to take that for a week and let her know when cycle day one started. Does she not get it? We’re done. Through. No further cycles.  I told her “okay, thanks.” but will not be filling the Rx.  I’m excited to enjoy my drug free summer.  lol!  

I got a message from K yesterday as well. She’s seeing her uterine specialist today and wanted to confirm that I’d hang out and be there for the last transfer down the road if her pregnancy failed.  I couldn’t commit 100% but we’ll see how it all goes.  I would like the opportunity to carry a baby and finish the journey. There may also be a couple of other opportunities for me, so I’m excited to see where life takes us.  Smile

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