Wednesday, May 18, 2011

today is not the day

Today is not the day that I’m getting a positive test.  It was blank white this morning. Bummer. We have a few more days of testing though. Maybe tomorrow.

The dad is going on a trip to Haiti on BETA day so we’re hoping to get a positive test before then so K doesn’t have to deal with the results on her own.  She has me testing every day from here on out and sending her the results each day.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to have estrogen and progesterone levels drawn but I haven’t gotten an appointment yet. When I called my fertility clinic on Tuesday they refused to even set up an appointment with me until the orders were faxed to them. They should have already been there but I was smart and had asked for the nurse to also give ME a copy after the transfer. Well apparently they won’t take them from me and they’re tired of the clinic out east not sending them, so I get punished. Great. So most likely I’ll have to rearrange my schedule and my husband’s schedule just to get my blood drawn since I’ll likely have to take whatever time slot is still available when I finally get the orders faxed.  Still waiting on a response. Come on! Annoyed

Despite my frustration, it’s a beautiful day. We’re going to get some fresh air and make the most of it.

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