Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So the proposal was approved. ;)

I just got a call from my lawyer who handled the contract for this surrogacy. She called to tell me that the parents had agreed to my terms and that we were good to go.

Well… I hope so. We’re on our second transfer. 

We had a good laugh and agreed that it was indeed confusing that the parents’ lawyer had only just sent her that copy.  Good to know everyone is so on top of things.  (eek.)


  1. i had the same problem with my paperwork! we barely finished it when the transfer was done. glad you're good to go and my fingers are crossed for your bfp!!!

  2. Oh our contract was in place before I even started cycling. This was just a mix up. They hadn't sent the final draft to my lawyer yet apparently. lol! We did have to scurry to get everything approved and notarized before I started meds but it was all set one day ahead of time. lol!


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