Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last night the girls were pretty restless so my sleep was a little scattered. In the early morning hours I dreamt that I got a part time job at a local farm picking berries. When I arrived they also had a psychic type person there who said she saw me walk through the door and then sensed another flickering heart within me. I told her that I’d just done an IVF yesterday and she smiled and hugged me.

Now there’s no way, even if this worked, that a heartbeat has begun yet, and my days are off since it wasn’t just yesterday but the dream was kind of comforting. It gives me hope.

I also fought off a migraine yesterday. It could have been changing weather, the copious amounts of zero water I’m drinking (in place of pepsi) or changing hormones. It’s hard to say, but I prefer to think it’s the same migraine that I got when newly pregnant with my girls. It’s just more comforting that way.  Smile 

It’s a beautiful morning here in the heartland. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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