Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ahhh it’s so good to be back home. I missed my little girls’ hugs and little A’s constant, “mommy?  mommy. mommy!”  They got along well with Mamo and Daddy. Daddy even found a few new tricks for bedtime so… he’s in charge of bedtime now. Winking smile

My flight home arrived 30 minutes late. For the second time during this trip, the plane sat in it’s bay with no flight crew to board it. We hadn’t even started boarding at the point where we were supposed to leave. I was pretty antsy. Then, some guy forgot his bag in the terminal, so he had to go searching for it. He got back just as the door was about to close. 

He sat in the seat ahead of me. His pregnant wife and two small children sat behind me. She ripped him a new one while clenching my seat for a while. Then he talked to the flight attendant and they waited even longer while staff inside the terminal tried to find the darn bag. Just as the attendant told him we absolutely had to push back, they showed up with his bag. I was relieved for him but irritated that we even had to wait at the same time.

His wife continued to chew him out and then bit the attendant’s head off when she asked that she keep the little girl in her lap for take-off.  She was mad that they weren’t all seated together. Um… when you check in, you can look at your seat assignment and change it around. Nobody was sitting next to me so… whatever. As she fussed, I leaned forward and asked the dad if he wanted to switch seats with me to be closer. He looked at me like I had two heads and said, “Noooo way! Are you kidding me?”  LOL! She must be one tough chick. I can certainly sympathize though. Two little ones are difficult to entertain on a plane. The last time I played zone defense with both girls, I ended up with a cleavage full of yogurt melts in a church.

When we finally touched down on the ground my poor husband had been trying to entertain our girls in their car seats for 1/2 hour. I think he got desperate because they both had cookies… complete with frosting. eek! lol

So now that I’m settled back into the everyday life again, all I can do on the surrogacy front is wait. 20 pregnancy tests sit in my drawer along with my “PPC.” Winking smile  I’m not sure when I’ll test, but I learned that instead of a 3 day transfer, this was actually a 4 day transfer so… really that just sets me ahead a day. I still have to wait an eternity (14 days post 4 day transfer) for the BETA.

I keep saying in my head, “accept and retain.”

“Accept and Retain…one.”

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