Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Fortune

I am heading home tomorrow. I miss my husband and girls like CRAZY!  My mom has been keeping me up on everything that's going on at home. It's almost hard to hear about how much fun the girls are. It brings tears to my eyes that I'm not with them, but I will be soon enough!  :)

So remember last time the parents named their embryo "Sprout?" Well this time when we got pictures of the embryos, I joked that one (left) looked like an octopus and they chimed in that the other looked like Barney the Dinosaur so.... meet "Pete and Barney", their embryos. Why Pete? Well Pete was the name of the octopus that predicted the World Cup Winners. M is a big fan, being from South Africa. His team didn't win but he was still excited to watch.

I've been giving them pep talks and telling them how much their mom and dad want them to hang in there. I've also been popping Benadryl. The mom was so nice, and gave me some snacks to eat while I'm in my hotel room. One of the things was an odwalla blueberry juice drink. I opened it and drank part of it when my mouth started to itch and I started getting short of breath. I looked at the ingredients and it says plain as day that it has 1/5 mango in it. I am allergic to mango! I ran down to the front desk and shyly asked if they happened to have any benadryl. They gave me some from the gift shop. I was still able to swallow so the benadryl did the trick. Whew. Crisis averted. I was a little concerned there for a bit though.

Later the parents brought me Chinese for dinner. We had a fun visit and everyone got fortune cookies. Mine was pretty accurate.  :)

"Sometimes traveling to a new place leads to a great transformation."    

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