Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello from the East coast again

It's been a loooong day!

I could not sleep last night. I tossed and turned until I finally slept around 12:15am. Little A woke up at 1am of course. I rocked for an hour with her and no luck, so I brought her back to bed with me because I was desperate for sleep. There she tossed and turned and kicked me for the next hour or so. I think we finally fell back asleep around 3ish. Then I woke at 3:45am and couldn't sleep my last 15 minutes because I was afraid that the alarm would wake A. All in all I got maybe 2 hours of sleep.

My husband drove me to the airport at 4:30am while my mother stayed with the girls. The airport was hopping! I tried to sleep on the plane but couldn't. Once in Atlanta, I learned that the next plane I was to leave on didn't have a flight crew. That made me late getting in and late for my bloodwork and ultrasound appt at the fertility clinic.

M, the father, picked me up at the airport and took me to the appointment. I don't have exact numbers but from what they said, my lining looks good and when they mapped my uterus it was a "straight shot."  So my bed and breakfast is open for business with two embryos checking in at 10:15am Eastern tomorrow morning.

After the appointment, I met K at their house and we had some lunch in their garden. It was a beautiful day here. Then it was time for my massage. While the massage therapist was doing the reiki, she said she got two distinct words coming into her mind when she placed her hands on my lower torso: "accept" and "retain." She said she asked if I'd retain one or two and there was no answer.  lol! I love her. I'm not sure how she does it, but after she relaxes me, she places her hands on my chest and my heart races. It has done this both times I've had a massage with her. Kind of interesting.

After the massage, K took me to see a great little nursery with a huge herb green house. We drove around town for a while looking at houses and rock walls and the M joined us and we had dinner out. By then I was exhausted so they took me back to my hotel room and I'm ready to settle in and crash.

I've got acupuncture at 8:15 tomorrow and pre-transfer prep at 9:45. Again the actual transfer will be at 10:15 and then I'll be on bedrest until I fly home early Saturday morning. Here's hoping for a successful transfer!! "Accept" and "Retain."

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  1. My fingers are crossed for you!


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