Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arrival of the “Mamo”

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning so there’s a lot to do today. Little A and I got up around 7am (thank you A!) and I hopped to it as she ate breakfast. In my nightie I began cooking up lasagna, mommy mac (you MUST try it. ) and two homemade pizzas. I also baked two batches of cookies.  By then, K was up and could keep A busy. I threw in laundry, prepared Mamo’s bed (K and A call their Grandmother Mamo.) and began packing for myself.

When that was pretty well set, I picked out the girls’ clothes for the next 4 days and then packed the girls up to take back library books (tears – “I looove that book. I neeeed that book.” etc etc.) and hit Target for a few things including band-aids. (end tears – because what kid doesn’t go gaga over band-aids) K chose Strawberry Shortcake. At least that was better than princesses.  ::shudder :: I got the girls a few crafts to play with during mamo’s stay and we were out of there.

Back home, I got the girls busy with lunch and prepared lunch and dinner menus along with snack ideas. I updated the girls’ daily schedules and tips and filled the dish washer. Little A napped while K watched a little TV and I finished up everything else on my list. Ahhhhh…..

The cell phone is charging, and my bags need the final packing but I’m pretty well set. It’s a gorgeous day here, so once A wakes, I can take the girls out to play without worrying about what needs to be done yet. Yes there’s a couple of baskets of laundry to fold but eh…  it will wait for me. Playing with my girls is more important. Don’t you think?

My mom is arriving around 5:30 this evening.  She’ll join us for dinner and then I’ll show her where everything is, how our routines work, and enjoy her company for a while before I retire early. My flight leaves at 5:50am. I’m so not a morning person.  lol!

Tomorrow will be a packed day. I’ll arrive at LaGuardia where the parents will pick me up and take me right to the fertility clinic for blood work and an ultrasound. Then lunch, my massage and reiki, and then dinner at their house. No doubt by the end of dinner, my eyes will be heavy.

One again, I’ll beg for your thoughts and/or prayers on Thursday morning. PLEASE let this transfer result in one beautiful baby for M and K! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Things are about to get interesting again.   Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Thinking of you tomorrow and in the days/weeks to come!! Praying this ONE sticks!


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