Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back from the transfer

I am back in my hotel room. The transfer went very well this morning. My favorite nurse, Maria, remembered me. She gave me some oreos to snack on post transfer while I waited to get up.
Gregor came to do acupuncture before the transfer but wasn’t able to stay and do it afterward. We think it will be fine though. I relaxed on my own and listened to the other people in the recovery room. One of the noisiest groups was another gestational carrier and her entourage. She had like 4 other people with her.
K gave me a bracelet with today’s transfer date on it that she bought in Paris two weeks ago. She has a matching one that she wore today as well. She also brought along her lucky stuffed uterus named “lulu.” Be right back  Uterus Plush Figure - Womb Service
A funny side note-  The stuffed uterus has been recalled due to choking risk.  The ovaries can get lodged in a child’s throat.  …Who gives their small child a stuffed uterus to chew on?  Anyway, I think her stuffed uterus, complete with cervix, is hilarious!

We also got my bloodwork results from yesterday.  We think there must be a mistake. Estrogen was 376. (meant to be 1,376 ??) Progesterone was 11.  If it’s correct, I’m not sure how my estrogen levels took such a hit.  I’ve been taking all of my medicine as requested.
Anyway, I’ve had some lunch, caught up on everyone’s super awesome well wishes (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and talked to my girls. I love them so much. It will be great for K & M to experience that kind of love very soon!  

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