Monday, May 9, 2011

Transfer week!

Here we are.  It’s transfer week. I leave on Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning so that I can be on the East coast in time for bloodwork and my ultrasound.

My mother has been so kind and suggested that she could stay overnight Tuesday evening so that my husband can drive me to the airport without having to wake our girls. She’s going to watch them during the days and then will hand off to hubby for the evenings. That way they both get a little break.

I was out this morning and returned home to a big FedEx box. It was my estrogen pill refill. The box sized seemed like a bit of overkill for a 4 inch tall container.  Winking smile  Interestingly, these pills look different from those that I’m already taking. They’re both the same generic and the same dose. Just a different shape. weird.

DSC08809  At least now I’m traveling with a bottle that has my name on it. I’m more worried actually about flying with the progesterone. It’s a gel and I’d rather not explain it to a TSA agent.

I’m hoping for this transfer that I can regain the excitement that I felt last month when we did the first one.  I feel like, in order to give those embryos the best chance possible, I need to give them lots of positive energy. It seems like giving it my all last time burnt me out a little though, so it’s going to take a little bit of effort to pump myself up again. Right now all I can think of is “Please let this work and please let it be a single baby.” Dealing with my own emotions and the fallout of the parents’ emotions is rougher than I anticipated, so it would be great to avoid that again and make them the happiest people on earth instead.  Smile Fingers crossed

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