Monday, April 4, 2011

When to test. When to test....

So I have these 9 pregnancy tests just burning a hole in my pocket.... lol! 
In trying to decide when to start testing, I came across this poll telling how long after a 3 day transfer they got their positive pregnancy test.

I keep telling myself:  Back away from the pee stick. Back away. 

3dp3dt(today!) 3 2.40%
4dp3dt 2 1.60%
5dp3dt 8 6.40%
6dp3dt 27 21.60%
7dp3dt 38 30.40%
8dp3dt 19 15.20%
9dp3dt 12 9.60%
10dp3dt 4 3.20%
11dp3dt 3 2.40%
I never tested postive on a pee stick but Beta was postive... 9 7.20%  

1 comment:

  1. Looks like your best bet for lack of disappointment over a (false) BFN would be waiting til Friday.. You can do it!!


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