Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday. Day 4 post transfer.

Good morning! Or should I just say "morning."  lol  um... I'm not feeling too well. I'm fighting off nausea as I type. When I heard little A cry for me over the intercom this morning, I hopped out of bed, realized I was a little (a lot) dizzy too late and promptly fell into the door frame. um ouch. I navigated the stairs, picked up my warm baby, happy to see me, and said, "Hey kiddo, how about we sit in the chair and snuggle a while?"  Of course she's the snugglier one so she had no problem nuzzling into my neck while the nausea wore off a bit. Five minutes later, cue K who was up, ready to go with her PJ's off already and needed breakfast asap.  :: sigh  :: okie dokie. I'm glad to be home, back in the routine again.  :)

So... I may have very well caught the flu from last night's dinner (mmmmm! B-Bops) or a sick passenger while I traveled. It's still pretty early to feel this nauseous because of a pregnancy. I also felt sick yesterday morning but kind of figured it was a combination of eating pizza with the parents right before I went to bed, getting up at 3am, and the large dose of estrogen and progesterone I'm still on. I've had a little spotting because of the progesterone and on the box it specifically says. MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS, so I shouldn't really be surprised.

Time to suck it up, take my morning meds, and start the grocery list for shopping later this morning. I hope everyone else gets their week off to a positive start!  It feels good kicking off the week at home with my favorite people! ...and with that, little A just dumped her cheerios with nannas on the floor.  gotta go.

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