Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Pressure? What do you know about pressure?"

Does anybody know what movie that quote is from?   :)

Whew! Is it getting hot in here or am I just jittery? I mean, sitting here waiting to find out if I'm carrying some really precious cargo is no big deal right? Sure it would crush the parents' dreams yet again, and I'd obviously have to deliver the news to them myself, but hey, no pressure, right? Nooooo pressure.

So do I feel like testing? Yes and no.

I do have a few tests to burn...

Okay more than a few. Remember my gift basket from the hotel? :)

The parents and I discussed how they wanted to find out. Originally I'd tell K first and she was going to break the news to M with a cute little onesie she bought. Now she's decided that it would be better to tell them both during one of our Skype meetings so I can see their reaction.

If/When I do get a positive test result, out of respect for the parents, I plan to let them know first and give them a day or two to enjoy being one of four people who know. (Me, my husband, and them.) Then I'll share the news with you all. You won't have to wait too long though. At the very latest, the BETA test that tells us whether to continue meds (because the baby needs them) or drop them and start over is scheduled for the 15th.

Thanks to everyone who continues to follow the journey and share your excitement and support. It puts a smile on my face and the parents' to know there are so many pulling for us. C'mon Sprout!!

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