Friday, April 1, 2011

*Transfer Complete*

The deed is done!

K and M seemed very excited this morning. They drove me to the fertility clinic and we got our picture taken in the waiting room together. Then Gregor came to perform acupuncture on me. It was really neat. I could feel the blood rushing to the areas where he placed the needles (which didn't hurt) and I felt a deep sense of calm after he was finished. He wrapped a space blanket around me to keep me warm, and I laid there relaxing like a baked potato in foil.  :)

Then he took the needles out, K was brought back to my bedside, and Gregor took a picture of the Mother to be and I in our very stylish surgical wear and hats. The nurses were very kind in ushering us into the operating room and the Dr was setting things up as we entered. Two very good embryos were thawed and both looked great. One had a slight edge on the other so K chose that one. The other will be evaluated and potentially refrozen if it's looking good tomorrow.

All of the instruments were placed and the catheter was inserted into my uterus. I felt it tap the top and that was about it. The nurses checked my ID and then came in with the embryo, checking the embryo's ID and mine again. K began to cry happy tears and I held her hand. They've been waiting for this moment for so long and have gone through so much. I can't even begin to imagine how she and M feel today. It must be surreal to say the least.

After the embryo was transferred into me, they moved me to a stretcher and wheeled me into recovery. Gregor came back to do one more acupuncture treatment and then I was left to relax. After about an hour, the nurse came back and let me get dressed. I found M and K hanging out in the waiting room and then we left for my hotel.

I've set myself up on the couch with pillows, water, my phone, and my computer. Room service has been ordered for lunch and I just got off the phone with my awesome husband. He's doing fabulously with the girls. By some miracle, he says our little A hasn't been waking during the night and has been sleeping in until 7am. Are you kidding me? I told him that he's in charge of bedtime from now on.

So for now, we wait. Thanks to SO many of you who emailed, called, texted, and facebooked me with positive thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. I'm so thankful for everything. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

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  1. Yay! How exciting! Continued thoughts and prayers coming your way. Take it easy :)


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