Saturday, April 2, 2011

So now we wait.

The parents are stopping by my hotel room tonight and we're going to have pizza together. It will be fun to spend some time with them before I head back home (very) early tomorrow morning. We had a lot of fun on Thursday night when they invited me into their home for dinner. M made us a great salmon topped with dijon mustard, crushed almonds, and panko. He served couscous and snow peas on the side. We celebrated with glass of champagne and they told me all about their adventures. K insists that we need to bring the girls out this summer to stay for a while. We'll go to the beach, etc. She is also insisting that when the girls are older, we must travel with them to South Africa. There is an amazing game reserve there near the place where M grew up and it's also where they were married. That would be a once in a lifetime trip for the kiddos.  :)

Bed rest is going well. I've watched a couple of movies that were on TV and browsed a couple of magazines. K gave me a great cookbook in my care package so I planned out next week's menu for my family. I've spent most of the morning going through all of my girls' pictures from the last year on my computer, weeding out the best to put into photo books. That's been fun as I've been reminded of so many fun times.

I've also been in contact with many family members and friends who have made my downtime more entertaining. Many have asked when I will know if this has been successful. I'm feeling very positive about this transfer and can't wait to see two lines on a pregnancy test myself. (Remember, K is sending me home with three boxes of tests.  lol!)

Here's an approximate run down of how the embryo is developing inside me:

The embryo was 3 days old when it was placed inside me. Meet "Sprout." Cute, isn't it?
Saturday, April 2: the embryo continues to grow and develop, turning into a morula (6-8 cell stage)
Sunday, April 3: The cells continue to divide, making it a blastocyst
Monday, April 4: The blast starts to hatch from its shell. We used assisted hatching to make this easier.
Tuesday, April 5: The blast continues hatching and begins the process of attaching to the uterus.
Wednesday, April 6: The blast continues to dig farther into the uterine lining and begins to implant itself.
Thursday, April 7: Implantation continues. The blast emits a chemical that causes irritation in the uterine wall, exposing capillaries which help it to attach. The placenta will eventually form in that place.
Friday, April 8: Implantation should be complete. Cells of the placenta and fetus begin to form.
Saturday, April 9: hGC is emitted into the carrier's bloodstream
Sunday, April 10: Placental and Fetal development continues. hGC levels may be high enough for an early urine pregnancy test to detect.
Monday, April 11: hGC levels continue to double approximately every 48 hours
Tuesday, April 12: hGC levels should be high enough to be detected on the test of choice at this point.

My official BETA (blood test to determine pregnancy) is on Friday, April 15th. I guess that way, if we have a "late implanter" it will have a few days to catch up.

Let's all think positive thoughts and visualize a successful pregnancy!

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  1. Did your doctors mention whether or not they can aid in avoiding placenta previa? Are they able to "shoot" the egg up high in your uterus, hoping it will attach in a higher location? (I know "shooting" the egg is not proper medical terminology. lol.)


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