Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time for the Pepsi-estrogen cocktail

I was smarter this time. I'm letting myself have Pepsi for the first week on estrogen to manage the MASSIVE headache it gives me. It becomes more manageable in the second week so I'll wean off again then.

So we've got flight plans ready to go again. I'll be leaving very early on May 11th, getting into NYC around noon. We'll drive straight to the fertility clinic and do bloodwork and uterine mapping again. Then lunch and another awesome massage by Andrea who I fell in love with last trip. I will remember a ponytail holder this time. Last time she gave me the funkiest hairdo after 90 minutes of massage. lol

After that, I'll probably spend some time with K&M at their home before returning to my hotel. The next morning we'll do acupuncture with Gregor before the transfer and also afterward. Then I'm on bedrest until early Saturday morning when I hop back on a plane back home.

My mom is on board to watch my girls while my husband is at work this time. That will help everyone out immensely. The girls love "Mamo" and will have lots of fun. I just need to get to work on another round of freezer meals. (Any fun recipes you'd like to share with me?)

We kicked things off with my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound yesterday. Apparently there's a large amount of fluid in my uterine cavity but we think/hope it will drain over the next few days. We'll have to see how that goes. Bloodwork looks good so it's time to fill my body with large amounts of estrogen.  ;)

Oh and if anyone else feels like joking around that they're "secretly hoping we get pregnant with twins," make sure I don't know your address. Otherwise you may find me at your door smacking you upside the head personally. Have a nice day! [:)]

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  1. Wow- that will be here before you know it. I'm working on my freezer meals also, I'll let you know when I get everything rounded up. I've been trying to meal plan a few things a week that I can make double of so it will be less work later but so far this week I haven't cooked once. I better get on that! :o)


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