Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T2 ultrasound update - 2 weeks pre transfer

Still waiting on the results from my ultrasound, but I have my blood work results back from yesterday. 

estradiol = 1,463 and progesterone = 0.7. Great levels after one week of medication.

Last time I was at 996 and .8, so my estrogen sky rocketed even higher this time. The ultrasound tech mentioned that the fluid they were concerned about last time was gone. Interesting though because I'm still uncomfortable (if not from the fluid then what?) and I gained another 4 lbs without changing my eating patterns, just like that. I now officially have a muffin top. sweet.  She spent a lot more time than usual doing my ultrasound yesterday so it will be interesting to see if the results say anything other than "great lining - you rock!"  lol

This cycle feels a little different from the last one. I'm much more anxious. Several times a day I'll feel my heart flutter and just need to take a deep breath. Part of that is just the meds too though. I really am hoping this cycle works because, other than the obvious reason, I need to get off the meds. My body, my face, and my attitude are all looking kind of unfortunate.  lol!

There are lots of fun things to keep us busy as we wait for the next transfer.  We just got our raised garden built and the deer fencing placed around it and the fruit trees. We have cute little sprouts coming from the girls' seed cups, a good friend of ours is getting married, and we'll be going back to my home town for a day to attend the yearly Spring festival. I've got one more appointment for blood work and an ultrasound next Tuesday. The one after that will occur out East.  While I'm doing that, the embryos' mother will be vacationing in Paris with a dear friend of hers who also struggled with infertility (and won! She's pregnant!)  and then she and the embryos' father will be just returning from Ireland when I hit the runway, the morning before the transfer. I can't wait for them to share the pictures with me!

I think I'm going to double our recipe for dinner tonight so that I can freeze half for transfer week. Then I'll have just a few more to make. I've gotten some great recommendations for recipes but could always use more! 

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