Thursday, April 28, 2011

I got a PPC, yeah you know me.

I have to share a funny email that I got this morning. Normally I wouldn't share a message or conversation from M or K but this is pretty benign.

I woke this morning to a message saying that K was having M send a package to me. In it would be 20 home pregnancy tests along with... you guessed it... my very own pee cup.  :)  AND, not to be out done by the pee cup, they come with a pee stick holder too. Pretty fancy huh?

Oh the glamorous life of a gestational carrier. Jealous of my PPC [personal pee cup], aren't you? With all of the estrogen running through my veins, I may just bedazzle it.  ;)   ...Okay you know I wouldn't but that would be a sight.


  1. Since I was just at the OB today to pee in a cup I'm extremely jealous of your very own PPC. And I strongly believe you should bedazzle it!

  2. LuCinda, This has to be my favorite comment to date. LOL!!


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