Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BETA moved up.

K and I decided that it's time to just get this over with. We've moved the beta to first thing tomorrow.

So, after that is done, we're making decision to move forward with the next transfer. Here are some of the questions she is contemplating. If you've got thoughts on any of these, please feel fee to comment. We're up for ideas/opinions.

1) We're trying to decide whether to do the next transfer here in my home city or fly me back to theirs. (It would be a fraction of the cost to do it at my clinic.) - Either way it's the same protocol for me. Estrogen all cycle to hold off ovulation and progesterone the week before transfer. The success rates at my clinic are a little less than at hers. BUT really all my clinic is doing is monitoring me and doing the transfer. Would you really worry about my clinic's numbers in that case? Placement of the embryo doesn't really affect success rates much does it? My clinic does ultrasound guided, hers doesn't if that makes a difference. Both clinics will do assisted hatching.

2) fresh or frozen cycle?  Eggs are already frozen through vitrification. She originally had 10 retrieved and 9 fertilized. All were frozen. Two were thawed last cycle. Both /excellent quality. We used one and re-froze one.

3) 3 day vs. 5 day?  They're thawed as 3 day embies. Do you feel we'd have better success if we let them grow another 2 days? Even that possibly means using up more frosties?

Other thoughts? Is there more info you need? I want to help her out in any way possible. 


  1. My SIL & her husband just went through their second round of IVF & it was successful. They did a 5 day transfer. It was explained to me that 5 day makes the embies a little stronger because they are older.

    I would try this cycle in your home city. You'll likely be less stressed which should help the process. I think ultrasound guided would be worth a try, I imagine it has advantages over non guided transfers.

    What does the RE think?

  2. My thoughts:
    1 - I don't think it will matter which clinic to use. I do think putting two in will increase the success, but that is a decision you have to be comfortable with. If the protocol is set - the clinic shouldn't make much difference. And a plus in my mind about the ultrasound guided at yours and the less stress of the traveling.
    2 - I would do frozen. That is because they are already created and I wouldn't want to waste them. I had my daughter from day 3 frozen embryos. Two were put in and we had her. So, I would still work with the frosties!
    3 - I wouldn't let them grow to day 5. Personally, I feel that being in utero gives an embryo the best odds. That's not proven - just my personal feeling.
    I hope that helps. I'm Kristin from the Bump (the one with melanoma and looking into surrogacy.)

  3. 1. i don't think it matters what clinic you go to either. like kristin said 2 will definitely increase your chances, but you have to be willing to accept that you may have more than 1 baby. i was very hard and fast that i only wanted 1 transferred and ended up doing 2 both times (fet then fresh). i prayed a lot for 1 healthy baby and got her the 2nd time around. like i said, your choice though.
    2. since there are already frozen embies, use them. it seems wastful to not and people do get prego with fet's.
    3. as for what day to transfer them, i would leave that up to the re. it's his/her job to determine the optimal time for those babies to go in.

    hope this helps! amy from onefauxmommy.blogspot.com


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