Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beware of band-aid stickey.

I had my first of three weekly ultrasound and blood work appointments this morning. The phlebotomist was a friendly guy and we chatted back and forth as he blew out two veins on my right arm. (Probably not his fault and really, there are worse things.) I gave my left arm a pep talk and it gave up the goods. Three band-aids later I was sitting on the table waiting for the ultrasound.

As she was probing me, all I could think about was those darn band-aids. It felt like they were too tight or something. Maybe they were pinching my skin a bit. When that was done I called my hubby, who was so graciously driving my girls around while I was having this done, and had him swing by to pick me up. I dropped him back at work, and decided to rip off the darn band-aids that were still bothering me while I drove home.

Once home, I set the girls up with some lunch and Katen asked what happened to my arm. I told her that I went to the Dr at the fertility clinic (She gets confused and calls it the "tooth fairy clinic" how cute is that!?) had to check my blood. I looked down to show her and whoa!
The area where the band-aid has been stuck on, was fiery red, burning, and hives were starting to spread up and down my arms. Pretty neato. 

Since my pregnancies I've discovered the most random allergies. It started with lanolin while I was learning to nurse my first daughter. You know where you put lanolin when you're nursing, right? Yeah ouch. There's also lanolin in dermoplast. Use your imagination. Double ouch. Then it was mango as I made my daughter's baby food and tried some myself. I was surprised by the itching in my throat and swelling. yikes. Then there's the allergy to cinnamon flavoring when fall came and I tried a Hot Apple Blast from Carribou Coffee. (They're amazing by the way. Try one.) Now... band-aid stickey adhesive. I consider this pretty cool.  ;)

If nothing else, it makes a fairly mundane visit newsworthy. Sort of. I hope everyone reading is having a good day. I'm done with progesterone for a while so I'm feeling much friendlier today. Happy Thursday!

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