Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Kangaroo Pouch

I came across a really cute book for my girls today. It's called The Kangaroo Pouch.
According to the description:

The story is narrated by a young kangaroo named Oliver whose mother has decided to help another family have a baby. The Kangaroo Pouch gently guides the reader on the surrogacy journey and answers questions they may have such as, why would someone choose to be a surrogate? What will family life be like during the pregnancy?  And most importantly, what happens when the surro-baby is born and given back to their biological parents?

The Kangaroo Pouch
is designed to act not only as a conversation starter, but also as a "how-to" manual for children to refer to throughout the surrogacy journey. The book has been reviewed by child specialists to ensure that it conveys age-appropriate messages. 

I love this! We love to read books, and this is such a cute book explaining what will happen in the coming months. I like how it talks in terms that children will relate to, AND it's been run past child specialist. This is going on our reading list. I may even see if I can find my girls their own stuffed kangaroos. How fun would that be? Or Kangaroo puppets to further encourage role play/discussion? We could really have some fun with this.  :)

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