Monday, June 27, 2011

We do a lot of waiting

K has decided to miscarry naturally as opposed to having a D&C, so she’s taken the week off, hoping that it will happen early this week. It’s my understanding that, with a blighted ovum, it could take up to two months for the body to realize the pregnancy isn’t viable and miscarry, so I hope for her sake, that it’s sooner rather than later. I can’t imagine how difficult and emotionally painful it must be to walk around knowing you’re carrying a pregnancy that isn’t viable. Not to mention the anxiety it would cause.

Because I know it may take some time, I’ve chosen to stick with my current plan of not medicating. I do still have that Rx for Provera waiting for me at the pharmacy, but it can sit there for a while. Maybe we’ll make it a game. Who will start a new cycle first?  Okay that’s not really even funny.

I almost feel badly that while she grieves, I am feeling so so so wonderful. I’ve lost 5 lbs in the last week and my face is starting to clear up. I’m feeling cheerful, and playful, and my motivation is back. I’m not so tired all the time and really overall, I’m just enjoying my summer with the girls. We’ve been strawberry picking, and soon it will be blueberry season. We’re dinking around in the garden and may never have cherry tomatoes, as little A gets a little too anxious to pull them off the stem. She doesn’t understand colors yet so it’s hard to tell her that green tomatoes are not tasty. She doesn’t seem to mind.  bleccck. We’ve got K’s first soccer game tonight. Ironically, I wouldn’t have missed her game last Wednesday by being out East because it rained cats and dogs.  Go figure.  lol

So, right now that’s what’s going on with us. We wait.

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