Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update from WTF meeting

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I emailed K and asked how it went. She had just forgotten to send me an update.

According to her, they’re not changing my meds after all. Everything will remain the same and they will give me a call on Tuesday to order meds.

Great so I get to suffer all weekend. Then on Tuesday they’ll start my cycle over again so I can suffer some more. Then I’ll start estrogen just in time for next weekend so I can nurse my headache all next weekend. Forgive me if I sound cranky about this, but… well… yeah. It makes me cranky.

My biggest pet peeve about this clinic is that they’re all about convenience. For them, not me. Hey no big deal if the patient has to start a cycle twice. This is the third time they’ve done that. Not once have they had it together enough at the beginning of a cycle to get my meds ordered.  I guess they figure, No big deal if the bouncing hormones make me suffer. No big deal if they are closed one week out of every month. No big deal if they have to extend my use of estrogen to match their vacation schedule. Geesh, I’ve about had enough.

I’m sorry to sound whiny about this. IF we can make the planets align and I birth a healthy baby as a result of this, then it’s all worth it.  Hands down.

This HAS to work.

In other news, I’m still rocking my muffin top like it’s my job. 18lbs in two months, and counting. No dietary or exercise changes. Just added hormones.  I pulled out the fat pants today from the “donate” pile. Sorry Goodwill.  Between my hormonally induced pizza face, and my junk in the trunk, I’m feeling more than a little self conscious. 

Something has to be done, so I’m starting a diet with my husband on Tuesday. Lean proteins, a little complex carb, lots of veggies, and once this pack of pepsi is gone, it’s gone.  (Unless that should occur while the estrogen is kicking my ass.) Hopefully that will halt the weight gain, stabilize my insulin levels, and it would be a bonus if some of the weigh would recede.  Both estrogen and progesterone, in high doses, tend to change your body’s response to insulin, making you more prone to storing the fats your body processes. Sweet huh? NotSoMuch.

Okay so… no more whining.  Smile on. Goal in mind. Sight set on a positive attitude.  (and a smaller caboose.)

Um… but if anyone has a recommendation for a good, non-chemical laden, face cream/gel whatever, give me a buzz, okay?


  1. You poor thing. :o( Hormones suck! Hang in there!!

  2. I just wanted to give you a "I hear that, girlfriend!" and a sympathetic "been there" about the weight gain and notsomuch fun with the meds. I KNOW it sucks to gain weight, and I KNOW it sucks to be on those meds. And you can complain about that. It's hard.
    Everyone knows you are trying hard for them. But even roses smell like chit once in a while.


  3. All those hormones suck! Has anyone mentioned recently how much you rock? Cause you do. And I hope you know that. It is okay to vent about the sucky parts of cycling. If you were all roses and sunshine about being a GC, the blog wouldn't be honest, informative or even a read.


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