Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving BETA up & next steps

I got word from K this morning that she had her RE send orders to mine to move the BETA test up to Wednesday. (7:40am CST) She's pretty upset and feeling unsure of their next step.

I told her that if she needed the next month to take a break, that would be fine. I don't want them rushing into a decision just because a new cycle is coming up. I feel like we get the negative result and then scramble for the next few days to make decisions before my next cycle starts. (usually just 3-4 days) I could use the break to lose the 18lbs I've gained from the estrogen as well. With that said, I don't know if I will be involved in the plan that they choose.

According to the contract we have one more try left. According to her, they don't know if they will use up the existing embies, start fresh by traveling to CCRM, transfer existing embies to another doctor with a different protocol, or start adoption paperwork.  

I have a lot of thoughts on what I would do, but none of that matters. I'll only give my input if she asks. How heartbreaking to be making these decisions. This is a process that is supposed to be so natural and even easy for most people. For them it's like wading through hell, no doubt. Bless their hearts.  Really, honestly bless. their. hearts. We could really use a miracle here.

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