Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Go Time.

Today marks cycle day 1. This is the cycle that will mark my first ever IVF and the beginning of the official surrogacy agreement. The Dr in New England has been notified and meds are being ordered and shipped to me. I'll start birth control and then estrogen.

I speak with the parents on a pretty regular basis. Usually once a day or so. Sometimes several times each day. They've figured out that it's hard for me to talk on the phone with my little darlings around, so we mostly email. They had a very big day yesterday and sent me some great pictures. They had attended a ceremony to celebrate M becoming a US Citizen. I'm so happy for him!  He grew up in South Africa and had a pretty different childhood from those of us in the US. He tells great stories about it. What I love about this couple is that afterward, K told M, "now that you're officially an American, you'd better eat like one." ...and they headed to Mc. Donalds. A picture shows him proudly sipping his Shamrock Shake. Love it! 

Yesterday, all of the contract work from the Fertility Clinic and also to both lawyers was scanned, sent, and basically complete for now. My husband completed his part of the testing (drug and disease testing), and the backup surrogacy insurance let us know that we were approved. All of this means that we're clear to move forward.

Clear to move forward... EXCITEMENT!

I've been cooking like a crazy lady today in preparation for being gone. Operation freezer menu is in full swing. Operation "the kitchen looks like a tornado hit" is also in full swing.  ;)

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