Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good morning from New England

Here I am safe and sound in my hotel room. The flights last night were good. On the second leg of my trip I was finding my way to my seat in the back when a guy asked me if I wanted to take his seat in first class. He wanted to sit with his wife in coach. I didn't turn that down. :)  I got about half way through my book which is turning out to be pretty good. People keep commenting on the sparkly front which, interestingly, goes against everything the book is about. lol! One flight attendant even covered me in sparkles because she HAD to feel the book. Touchy-Feely much?  ;)

It was super late for K&M to be up when my flight got in. It was11:30 Eastern time and I felt bad having them pick me up. I offered several times to take a taxi but they insisted. K had checked me into the room earlier in the afternoon and I found that she had taken the opportunity to spoil me rotten! On the table are tons of magazines to read. She knew we'd been talking about a garden so there are gardening magazines, home magazines, all things I will very much enjoy. There's a BIG gift basket full of snacks, an awesome book, drinks, and pregnancy tests.  HA!!!!!  I laughed so hard when I saw them tucked in there. The fridge was stocked with berries, veggies, and lots of water. Between my gifts and hotel WiFi, I should be very comfortable during my stay. I plan to thank K profusely when she picks me up this morning.

I've got another ultrasound and blood work appointment this morning at the fertility clinic. Then K and I will do lunch. Then at 3pm I'm scheduled for a massage. See? She's spoiling me. What a sweetheart. Dinner is at K&M's home this evening. M is going to cook for us as K works in the city and generally doesn't get home until later after her commute.

All in all, things are going well. I'm anxious for it to be a little bit later so that I can call home and see how everyone is doing. K did pretty well with hugs and kisses goodbye, but A was so sad. Once she realized that I was shutting the car door without taking her out, she was so upset. I can still see her little face. Bless her little heart.

Okay! Time to get ready for the day. Let the poking and pricking commence.  :)

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  1. Facebook isn't working but I wanted to wish you best of luck tomorrow- I will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers that the little Emby gets good and comfy in there!!

    Nicole (littlebug1107)


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