Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More testing checked off the list

On Monday we had some crazy weather coming in, so I took my two girls out for a playdate, lunch, and some groceries before the storm. We had a blast and when we got home I noticed I had a message from the RE office out East. They'd been able to get my appointment for the Saline Sonohysterogram set up for that afternoon yet at my local fertility clinic. (I thought we were out of luck because their nurses was unable to get it set up the week prior and it was the very last day that the test could be performed in this cycle.)  I immediately freaked out. I wasn't mentally prepared, Kate had dance class, and I needed child care.  However, I called my husband and he was able to come home early.  The roads were slick but I made it okay. I loaded up on Advil and the test was actually a breeze. I hurried to get dressed and out of the fertility clinic but the roads were just bad enough that Katen had to miss her dance class. I felt badly but at least the last big test was done. Whew!

The contract also arrived in my inbox this afternoon, so I'll review that with our lawyer in the near future. Then it's just blood work to complete and we're ready to roll. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the details but very excited none the less!

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