Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One week pre-transfer #2

Today I had my last ultrasound and blood work appointment before I fly East next week.

Lining = 9mm triple stripe  

estradiol = 1,726 and progesterone = 0.4.

I will continue the estrace(estrogen) 2mg, 3 times a day and start the crinone (progesterone)  twice a day on Sat 5/7/11.

Next appointment is in their RE’s office on Wed 5/11/11 for lab work and U/S prior to the transfer on Thurs 5/12/11.

a n x i o u s.

At this time, during the last transfer, my estrogen was lower but I had a thicker lining. The RE shoots for 10 and above so I HOPE it bumps up this week. Apparently estrogen levels and uterine lining thickness do not correlate . For some reason I thought they would.

Last cycle:

Estrogen is at 1062
Progesterone level: 0.6
Lining 11.3 triple stripe

Still gaining plenty of weight thanks to the estrogen. It’s not hard to imagine myself 4 mos pregnant because I actually look that way right now.   Smile with tongue out All for a good reason though.

So – it’s a BUSY week ahead of me. Time get pumped, clean the house, set up the guest bed, freeze some meals, and get everything ready for a few days on the East coast, in addition to getting the garden planted, building a deck, attending a rehearsal and wedding, and taking part in a Spring Festival “back home” and most importantly, getting in as much snuggle time as possible with my two biggest fans. 

I need a nap.  Smile

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