Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The "T" word

Both the mother and father emailed me separately today using the "t" word. What word? Oh TOMORROW. Tomorrow they will pick me up from the airport and take me to my hotel. Tomorrow the mother will check me into my hotel room early so that I don't have to worry about it when I get in very late. Tomorrow I will kiss my girls and hubby goodbye for 5 days. Tomorrow!? Already?

I am a bundle of nerves tonight. I'm excited. The parents are excited. The mom emailed joking about the fact that here I'm the one taking all of the meds and entertaining company for two days before I leave. They're sitting there staring at each other, twiddling their thumbs.  lol!  I think they deserve a break though. I've got this one.  :)

I talked to the girls about how they need to behave for Daddy and how K needs to help Daddy out when she can. Daddy took a shot at the bedtime routine last night and everyone survived. He's been asking some good questions like, "um.. so how often do you change A?" and "What kinds of foods make them poop a lot?" lol!  I've got it all written down for him. No worries.

I've not packed yet. I'll do that tomorrow. I need to lay out the girls' clothes, do a final clean up of the house, and bake some goodies for them to eat. Then I'll be all set.

I have been overwhelmed today with all of the kind thoughts, prayers sent, and just the over all encouragement that I've received. So many family members have called and emailed to cheer me on. My mom let me  know that she's proud of me. That meant a lot. Friends have let me know that they're thinking of us and provided a lot of support, and my husband is ready to take on his dual task as dad AND mom. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by great people. That's what gives me the courage to follow this journey until the end.

So on Friday between 9am and 11am Eastern time, if you have a spare thought or two, I know the parents of this baby would welcome any support they could receive in hopes of their dream coming into view. This HAS to work. It WILL work. My bed and breakfast is open for business! The pillows are fluffed. The light is on. It's time to nestle into the covers and hang on for the ride!!! You're going to love staying with me little embryo. We'll have so much fun. 

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  1. It WILL work!! We'll be praying for you for a success transfer! Sooo exciting! :o) :o) :o)


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