Monday, June 6, 2011

Another day, another migraine

I’ve got to find some relief soon. Saturday’s migraine was awful. I thought I had it under control and then Sunday afternoon another one hit. I should have known it wasn’t completely gone when my face and hands were still numb. I started feeling the pounding in my head late morning and the nausea began shortly after that yesterday. Again I was solo parenting, so I packed up the girls and headed to Target. I mean that’s the logical place to go when you’re getting a migraine, right???  Well… it’s MY happy place.   Smile 

At Target we shopped like we were on a mission.

  1. Excedrine Migraine
  2. Another Emergency Pepsi
  3. Kiddie pool
  4. Lunch for the girls

I popped the Excedrine in the car and chased it with Pepsi. When we got home I found the compressor and  blew up the pool while the girls ate, picnic style. We filled it with water, changed the girls into their suits and I settled into my spot on the lounge chair with a cold cloth on my head and my feet in the water.

With it being the first kiddie pool experience of the year, it kept them happy for hours.  Yeah, they drenched me now and then, but considering I was being a pretty sucky mommy, I deserved that. After a few hours I had the migraine under control again and was able to play with the girls a little bit before dinner.

It returned though. About 11pm I started feeling sick again. The visual flashies started and I tried to decide if I wanted to try and sleep it off or medicate. Around midnight I was feeling pretty awful so I headed to the kitchen to find the Excedrine.  After I took one, it hit me that those things are packed with caffeine. I proceeded to watch a Tosh.0 marathon until at least 2am. Then I laid there staring at the ceiling for another hour or so.  Of course the girls had been playing with my alarm clock earlier in the day, so it started ringing at 4am. That was pretty cool. Sarcastic smile Then my little early bird thought 6am was a great time to start the day.

So, I emailed the RE’s nurse this morning. I’m still not feeling well and three days is enough already. I asked her if she’s got any ideas for me. We’ll see what she says. In the meantime, we’ll be filling the kiddie pool again this morning I guess.

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  1. I hope you find some relief soon. :o(

    Sounds like a great Target shopping trip! I was on a similar HyVee trip this morning except mine involved a detour to the beer cooler. :o)


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